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The ALCHEMISTS are the Killer Queen's evil minions, the mad scientists who come up with the algorithm Killer Queen uses to brainwash the world.

Some of the parts of the Alchemists costume will be provided in the costume pack you purchased, but for the base costume we want to give each participant the opportunity to source their own costume that reflects the character they create in rehearsals. We want you to have the freedom to come up with something really unique and interesting for your character!

As an added bonus, you get to also play a Bohemian in the finale, so there's some details below about the jacket or vest we'd like you to source for that below!


1 x Arenavent duffle bag

1 x Mad Professor wig

1 x professor glasses

1 x red tie

1 x LED keyring light

1 x Bohemian wig

1 x Red lab coat (on loan)

You will receive your costume pack

during rehearsals the week prior to performance. 


Black collared button shirt

Black long dress pants

Black shoes

Jacket or vest (for Bohemians) in brown or orange

You will note that the Mad Professor wig in your costume pack is grey, but we would like you to get creative and add red into this wig if you wish. You can either use spray paint, or you could add red bows, or red glitter, or any other way you can incorporate red into the wig.  

In the final number of the show, all participants will play Bohemians, so as well as sourcing your base black costume, we'd love you to also find a jacket or vest to go over your blacks (along with your Bohemian wig) so you can look like an 80's rocker for the finale! The colours for the Bohemians costumes are brown, orange & earth tones, so look for a jacket or vest in those colours!

We will hold a costume parade during rehearsals the week prior to performances, so make sure you have sourced your items by then so you can wear it to rehearsals and we can see how you all look!

If you feel confused or have any questions about what you need to source, email and we'll be happy to help!

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