Training day in July 2022!

As we prepare to bring WE WILL ROCK YOU to the stage in Brisbane, we have some new members of our mass ensemble who have not yet completed their Boot Camp training, and will be doing so on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July.

Because a great deal of time has passed since many of our long standing participants first signed up to be part of the mass ensemble, our creative team would like to invite all participants to take part in these training days, as both a refresher of the Boot Camp training, but also as an opportunity to run an updated assessment to best ascertain how each participant can be utilised in the final production. For some participants, it has been almost three years since their initial audition, and we would like to give everyone the chance to show us how they may have grown and improved!

The training and assessment days will run as follows:

SATURDAY 16TH JULY 9am to 12pm - Thunderbolt Group** 1pm to 4pm - Lightning Group**

SUNDAY 17TH JULY 10am to 3pm - Full Mass Ensemble

We have split the mass ensemble into two groups based on age. You have been sent an email letting you know what group you are in - if not received, email This grouping is not related to final casting in the show - it's just so we can deliver this initial training to similar age groups.